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Mail and Hearings

So I get a call today from an unknown number. I answer it, and this guy says, “you john, I have mail for you.” I had a hard time understanding him, so after hanging up I asked my Liberian companions … Continue reading

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Etherton Micro Bank Inc.

So last time I was here I lent $160 to my friend Anthony. He changes US dollars in the Liberian dollars and sells phone recharge cards. We got to talking one day and I asked what he would do if … Continue reading

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Surfing – Weekend 2

Saturday I caught a ride with the fine folk at the Clinton Foundation to Sajj beach. This was my second time there. I didn’t like it much the first time since the break is about 300m from the shore and … Continue reading

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Cola and The General

So the other day I was in a small local restaurant across the street from the TRC. I had just paid for a can of Coca-Cola. It was 50 Liberian Dollars (LD).About $0.92. I thought this was a little pricey. … Continue reading

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First day back at the TRC

Today was my first day working at the TRC. Thankfully the little girls who sold bananas for about 20 cents and the shop that sells banana bread were still there. They make for a great breakfast, that costs around $0.50. … Continue reading

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So I got to do a little surfing this weekend. I met Layal, a Canadian who works for the NGO Right to Play. They use games as a means to teach children life and health skills. She has a car … Continue reading

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