So I got to do a little surfing this weekend. I met Layal, a Canadian who works for the NGO Right to Play. They use games as a means to teach children life and health skills. She has a car and likes to go to the beach, so Sunday we went down to a beach club a few miles south of town. The beach club was nice, but the waves were bad. The break was like 200 meters from shore with some rocks in between. So I got a great workout, and learned that I’m really out of shape (no surprise there). I almost got up once or twice, but mainly just worked on strengthening the arms.

I’m hoping to find some more surfing buddies so we can go together after work and stuff. It looks like GT will be getting a car here which will be awesome for surfing. I’ll keep you guys posted on that.



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  1. Krystallynn says:

    Fell out of bed flieeng down. This has brightened my day!