First day back at the TRC

Today was my first day working at the TRC. Thankfully the little girls who sold bananas for about 20 cents and the shop that sells banana bread were still there. They make for a great breakfast, that costs around $0.50. The girls even remembered my name. I was impressed. They seemed happy to see me. And the banana bread was so good.

I met up with Fully, the IT officer of the TRC. He went over what had gone on in the TRC since I’d been gone. We then spent the next few hours updating the site. We removed some old content and added new. It was painfully slow. But it was cool to see the system I helped build work, for the most part, and to get to teach Fully how to use it. We hit a few technical snags but we ironed them out by the end of the day.

At mid day we went to the TRC’s public hearings. Here people, both victims and combatants, recount what happened to them during the civil war and the TRC commissioners ask them about it. The victim that was there today went over a lot of horrible things that he had seen.

After that we had lunch at a Liberian place. On our way back I bought a Chinese rip-off of a Billabong messenger bag. It was $6 so we’ll so how long it lasts, it’s the least laptop looking bag I could find that met my sense of taste. We then made our way back to the TRC where we stayed till 8:30 working to get the rest of the site working.

I ended the day with a $1 bottle of water and a $2 meat pie at plaza pizza. Thank God for that place being so close.

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