Surfing – Weekend 2

John at Sajj beach with boardSaturday I caught a ride with the fine folk at the Clinton Foundation to Sajj beach. This was my second time there. I didn’t like it much the first time since the break is about 300m from the shore and there are rocks in the water, which at some points stick out of the water. The last time I was here I couldn’t get out past the break. I was way out of shape. This time I went out north of the break and then came in behind it. I was still exhausted from the long haul out there and didn’t get up on any waves. The waves break suddenly and all at once across the span of the wave. Ideally, the wave would break from one end to the other in a smooth fashion.

But, on Sunday I chartered a taxi to Thinker’s Beach. While the waves still broke all at once, the break was only 100m, or so from shore, and no rocks. I had a great time. It was easy to get out past the break, and I was able to get up on 3 waves. I met a German fellow named Martin who also brought a board to Liberia. He has a nice 7’-6” fun shaped board. But when he ordered his board it didn’t come with a leash, so he was using a rope which was beating him up. At the end of the day Martin even gave me a lift back into town, which was way sweet. Saved me the $7 for a taxi ride back into town.

There were also a few boogie borders out there. I think with some more practice I’ll get better at catching a wave and then turning into it. A few waves did break from end to end, but being at such a low skill level, I wasn’t able to take advantage of this, nor did I have the patience to wait for such perfect waves. The only down side I saw with my experience was the cost of a bottle of water at Thinker’s Beach, $3. A little steep.



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