Last week Fully and I were scheduled to appear on UNMIL radio to talk about the TRC’s website. We were supposed to be at the studio at 3:00. I thought we should leave at 2:00 to get there, but Fully and Richmond Anderson (head of TRC Media and Outreach) thought we’d be ok to leave at 2:30. Of course we ended up leaving late.

We get out on Tubman Blvd and traffic is stopped. They’re repaving the road, a much needed improvement. Tubman is littered with potholes and craters. Some caused by the war, some caused by disrepair. So it’s a good thing they’re repaving the road, but they happened to shut down the road right in front of the TRC in the direction we want to be going. For those of you familiar with Atlanta, this is like shutting down all of North bound 75/85, and all the traffic diverting to Northside Dr. Obviously it’s not going to work.

So after sitting in traffic for 20 minutes going nowhere we headed back to the TRC. This took another 20 minutes. So at 3:40 we called in to give our interview. You can listen to the interview here: UNMIL radio spot 2/1/2008. I feel a little critical of myself, that I didn’t hit all the points I had on my list, and I wasn’t quite as elegant as I had hoped to be, but I guess for just running back to the office after sweating in a car with no AC that’s not moving for 45 minutes, it’s not half bad.

I’ve been told that we’re going to reschedule for next week. We’ll see if that goes any smoother than this time.



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