P.A.’s Rib House

So I’ve decided to write little reviews of the new restaurants I’ve been to. Now I know I’m in no way qualified to do this. There are much better writers out there, and certainly much more refined tastes. But no one else is doing it, and these places could use some advertising. Plus, new restaurants are kinda exciting here. It’s not like home where there are hundreds of places to eat, and most of them pretty nice. A fancy new restaurant that remindsMary's going away party at PA's rib house you of the first world is pretty sweet find.

So thanks to the boss man’s arrival last week, a going away party (see picture), and a Friday night splurge, I’ve been fortunate enough to have three meals at P.A.’s. They were all pretty good. As you might guess P.A.’s specializes in barbeque ribs.

The restaurant itself is quite nice. The interior is nicely decked out with a high ceiling and wood paneled bar. They also have a 200+ person conference room. P.A.’s also has free wifi. The bathrooms though, as usual for Liberia, could use a little sprucing up. But that’s just a pet peeve of mine.

I had the Carryesburg half slab of ribs on my first visit. For $12 USD this isn’t half bad. The ribs were also pretty tasty. They weren’t fall off the bone tender, and seasoned like Mama used to do it, but they were still good. Kinda like a Sunny’s perhaps. The real treat was the sides. Delicious. I’m told the ingredients for sides are grown in the garden behind the restaurant. I had the green beans and the mashed sweet potatoes.

My 2nd visit was with Marry Miller’s going away party. I ordered a burger, but they were out. So they gave me a steak at the same price. Not half bad. The steak was also really good. Well seasoned and a decent size. And as before. Great sides.

Wanting to try the burger that the owner had raved about, I went back a third time. At $8 this burger is a little steep, but pretty darn good. The best I’ve had in Liberia. The burger was still a little more seasoned than I would have wanted, but far better than the meatloaf on a bun some places try to pass off as a burger. The fries it came with were also great.

P.A.’s is located off of airfield road in Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia. They have a lot of signs up, so you can’t miss it.

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One Response to P.A.’s Rib House

  1. Douggie says:

    Hey Buddy,

    Thankls for the writeup of my sister’s restaurant! I currently reside in Minnesota but plan on returning home soon and I can’t wait to taste the ribs!

    Thanks again for the review and for the great pics on your site!!

    Douglas Andrews