Bar at The Plaza Pizzeria

Looking down from the 2nd floor at Plaza PizzaThe Plaza Pizzeria, located next to city hall on Tubman Blvd in Monrovia, has added a bar area to their establishment. They were building it when I was here in May 2007, and it’s now open. I walked in the other day to meet a friend, and a waiter asked if I wanted the bar. I was like, “what bar?” He shoved me through a non-descript side door, and I thought I had stepped back into the first world. Leather couches, pool table, and Heineken on tap. The space is very well decorated and designed. It has two floors, a downstairs bar area, and an upstairs lounge space, connected by a very attractive spiral staircase.spiral staircase at Plaza Pizza

The bar has a modern, but laid back feel. It’s up to date, but not snobby about it. The walls are painted with warm colors, and decorated with posters and photos. Upstairs are some very trendy Posters of Che Guevara. Overall a very warm and inviting ambiance.

The prices are reasonable, a O.5L of Heineken is $4.00 at Plaza Pizza Not bad. Whiskey starts at $5 USD a glass. They even have a liquor locker. You can buy a bottle, and then get the key to your own on site locker for safe keeping. Very snazzy. They also have free peanuts to munch on while enjoying your drink. I’m a peanut fan.

And best of all you can order food from the pizzeria, which I already love for their cheap and tasty feed. This place is great. The nicest bar I’ve been to in Monrovia.Pool table at Plaza Pizza

Oh, and the bathrooms are good. Not great, but this place isn’t going for super fancy. It’s trying to be your local-taste-of-home-watering-hole-for-expats, and does a good job of it (I hope that didn’t sound too neo-colonial, but that’s their target market). It’s not like bars in the states have good bathrooms any way… At least bars go to.

Plaza Pizzeria
Tubman Blvd., next to city hall
Excellent Bar!

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