Electricity is coming

LEC puts up power polls in MonroviaThis week I noticed power poles going up in Monrovia. The Liberian Electric Company (LEC) is using huge generators to supply parts of Monrovia with electricity. As I understand it power runs for 21 hours a day. I’m also told that the price is out of reach for most people, and that they can’t handle heavy loads. Which means you can’t run a house full of AC units off of it. But I haven’t confirmed this. It’s a great sign of progress, and no doubt means a lot to the residents. Hopefully, the LEC will be able to expand their coverage and lower their prices as they leverage economies of scale.

Solar powered street lights in RobertsportIn other electrical news: Robertsport in Grand Cape Mount County has solar powered street lights. I only saw it during the day, so I wasn’t able to see how well, if at all, they worked. At any rate, it looks cool and is a step in the right direction. Parts of Tubman Blvd also have conventionally powered street lights. This makes dodging put holes on my motorcycle a lot easier.

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