Sushi at the Mamba Point Hotel

When my boss was in town we ate at the sushi restaurant in the Mamba Point Hotel. This place had the ambiance, design, and finish down, first world all the way. We could only find one exposed wire in the whole place. It looked like they used studs and drywall in their construction, no doubt a first for Liberia. Even the bathrooms were perfect. No smashed up tiles trying to fit around an awkwardly placed fixture.  You do pay for all of this fanciness. Though not outrageously, but still a little pricey. The sushi was good. I also had some shrimp teriyaki. The shrimps were good, though the teriyaki sauced seemed a little off. We also had a ‘06 bottle of white. I was told by those more versed in wines that it was the best they had sampled in Liberia. Five stars, great place. If I was trying to impress a date, I’d hire a driver, and take her here.

The Sushi Restaurant at The Mamba Point Hotel is located off of UN Drive in Mamba Point Monrovia.
The Hotel’s phone number is +231-6-511-202, +231-6-544-544

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