The Red Lion Pub

Red Lion barThe Red Lion is a proper brutish pub. I’m not British so some may debate this, but with darts, beer on tap, and football on the widescreen, I don’t know what more you could want. Well… actually I want Strongbow on tap, but you can’t have it all. $4 USD gets you 0.5L of Heineken. The darts are free; you just have to wait your turn. For $7 USD you can get a toasted sandwich, though that’s about it for food choices.

Throwing darts at the Red LionThe bathroom isn’t that great. But I’m OK with it. The Red Lion is a low key place to hang out with friends over beer. Again my standards for bar bathrooms are low due to my experiences at bars in other countries.

On the whole it’s a great bar, cozy and unassuming with darts and beer.

Red Lion
Broad St. and Buchanan
Monrovia, Liberal

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One Response to The Red Lion Pub

  1. Steve Ambrose says:

    Hi John,

    I’m Steve, think that’s me right in the corner of the bar at Red Lion. The wife Mamawa and I own the place.

    Just a quick thanx for the review, we are still ticking over. Have live music on a Wednesday and Saturday now and put in a big screen for the Footy games we show.
    Toilets…. well bit miffed about that comment… may not be the best but they are clean. Done a bit of work on them anyway since u left so improvement there.
    More food served now as well, Chicken and Fries or Rice, Fish and Burgers. Its not bad at all.

    Good luck with the travels and thanx again.

    Steve Steve and Mamawa