RobertsportThis past Sunday Kevin, Marcel, Peter and I went to Robertsport to go surfing. Kevin and Marcel work for Samaritan’s Purse. Peter is a local who surfer, who has made friends with the Samaritan’s Purse guys. I woke-up at 5:30am, and road my bike to meet up with Kevin and Marcel. We then picked up Peter and were gone by 6.  Kevin drove pretty efficiently, so we made it to Robertsport from ELWA junction in 2:15:00.  Not half bad.

Kevin and Peter unpacking the LandcruiserWe first dropped Marcel off to do some kayaking.  Peter, Kevin, and I then headed off to the beach. After unloading the boards from the roof of the Land Cruiser, we walked for 20 minutes to Loco Beach. At one point we had to cut through the bush. It felt pretty cool to drive down a two tire-track dirt road to a beach, then hiking 20 minutes through the jungle to get to the waves.

Rocks in the water at Loco BeachWe drove 2 plus hours at 6:00am because Robertsport has a point break. That is a point along the coast that the waves break around.  In our case, this creates a wave that reliably breaks from left to right. The only problem is the point is made of rocks. So there are a few rocks in the water to keep an eye out for. Most of the time the water is deep enough that this isn’t an issue, but you  do have to be careful not to surf to close to shore.

Coming out of the jungle on to Loco BeachSome of the waves were pretty big. Kevin thought they were around 5’ to 6’. They were bigger and more powerful than the waves I was used to, so I never got up. It was a good work out and I learned a lot. Kevin and Peter both had some good rides. Peter is a really strong swimmer, so he was able to paddle into any wave, ride it in, and then paddle back, all without taking a break. Kevin was practicing riding up on top of the breaking waves.

walking to Loco BeachSadly, all three of our boards were damaged in the course of the day. Peter’s board incurred a mysterious stab mark. Later in the day, Kevin and I tried catching the same wave. Kevin’s board cut across mine leaving a little gash. My board knocked Kevin’s fin loose. Kevin also banged- up his hand on his board.

Loco BeachThankfully all the damages were repairable, so it was still a good day. Just getting to see the beach at Robertsport was nice. Tan sandy beaches, blue water, and lush green jungle laid over jagged hills, the beach is simply beautiful. We were the only people on the beach. It was our own little private slice of heaven.


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