GATECH-1.jpgThis past week Georgia Tech purchased a vehicle for their mobile video story sharing project. The idea is that we’ll put a PC with a video camera in the back of an SUV and drive it around Liberia. We’ll have official videos on the PC from the TRC and other government/aid agencies for people to watch. They can watch these videos, create video replies, or make their own video statement. We’re hoping it will be like a mobile youtube that updates a little slower. We’re also people will do more than tell their girlfriend they love them and stuff like that.

We hope with such a system people can share their ideas with others across the country and learn what other counties in Liberia are doing. We think this will aid reconciliation as well as giving Liberians a better since of who they are as a country. Thus building nationalism. This would go a long way toward unifying the country as Liberians, and not under their various ethnic and tribal groups.

But enough of that. The important thing is that GT now has a 1996 Toyota 4Runner, 4×4, V-6. I was hoping for a stick but it’s an automatic. It does have a CD player with an aux in. Probably my favorite feature. Oh, and it has cold AC. So I’m stoked about taking this out to the rural area and driving around. It should be a lot of fun. I’m also excited about shopping for toe ropes and shovels just in case. I’m working on getting a license plate to match the trucks radio call sign: GATECH-1.



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