PA’s Express

PA's Express dinning roomI had the pleasure of eating at PA’s Express for lunch today. PA’s Express is located on the ground floor of PA’s Rib house, which is located off of Airfield Road, Sinkor, Monrovia. Just follow the signs you can’t miss it.

Anyway, lunch was really good and pretty cheap. I had the fried chicken and biscuit. For only $150LD I got a large drumstick and a large thigh. The meat was really good and much bigger than fried chicken at a lot of other local places. If you’ve had chicken in Liberia before then you know what I mean. The biscuit was just OK. I also had the side of fried rice for $60LD. This could have been a meal all by itself. It had mushrooms, onion, and even little pieces of  ham. It was delicious and filled up a whole plate.

My friend Layal had the Burger. According to her it was the best burger she’s had in Liberia. I would agree. It tasted much like the $8USD half pound burger served up stairs, but smaller, and for only $200LD. I’m guessing it’s around a 1/4 lbs. Lunch at PA's Express

We also had the soft server ice cream for $75LD a cone. I’ve had better soft serve before, but it was still really good. The best soft serve I’ve had in Liberia for sure. And the cones were a pretty decent size.

Some of the prices seemed a little weird. Like the club sandwich ($500LD) that costs more than the rib plate($300LD). I also thought that $600LD was a little steep for the American breakfast. Not like you have much of a choice here, and good food is good food, I shouldn’t knock it till I try it.

Just like PA’s Rib House, PA’s Express is a pretty darn solid eating establishment. Really good food, and pretty good prices. The service was also great, no waiting. We were in and out in no time. Oh yeah, and free WiFi. Can’t beat free WiFi.



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