Tent Making – Part 2

Amsu Am Bility the taylorToday the tailor finished up the fabric part of the Liberian tent prototype. I also picked up a shirt and some, “short trousers” too. They all three fit pretty well. Mr. Amsu Am Bility, the tailor, did a pretty good job.

The tent and Carter Center security gaurdsThe tent is to be used to protect the users of the GTV mobile video story sharing system from the sun and keep the glare off of the computer screen. Hopefully it’ll also add some visual appeal to the system. As though, a white man and computers isn’t enough.

Tent from above

I set up the tent at the Carter Center with the help of a few of the guards. It was pretty easy to setup, and it looked pretty good. They all thought it was pretty good. I asked them what they thought; two of them thought it was like a palava hut. This is really good. A palava hut is traditionally where people would come to discuss their problems and resolve them. Ideally that’s what would we would like to see happen with our system, but across all of Liberia.



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