Amputee African Cup of Nations results and other stuff

Amputee African Cup of Nations t-shirtSo Liberia won the Amputee African Cup of Nations football championship. They beat Sierra Leone 1-0. I met some of the Liberian team players yesterday at the local supermarket. Sadly, this is where they beg since being an amputee soccer player doesn’t really pay. They had these way cool shirts from the event. Apparently the Ministry of Sports had made them. I told them I wanted one, and one of them started to take off the shirt he was wearing. I stopped him and tried to explain that I wanted my own shirt. I told them I’d give them $20 for a shirt if they could get me one. So today they called me up and said they had a shirt. I went over to the supermarket and met up with them. They had even put the shirt in a plastic sleeve, and what’s more, it even fit. Check out the back of the shirt too. I love it.
Amputee African Cup of Nations t-shirt (back)
So we talked for a while, and the players and some other amputees told me that they needed money to pay the rent on a new place to stay since they were being kicked out of their current place. According to them, someone is building on the site that they currently live at. They said they needed $50 to pay for 8 months of rent, and that 6 of them could live there. I wish I could live that cheaply. Anyway… We talked for a while, and they agreed to bring me a receipt for the rent tomorrow and to only talk to me about soccer and their games from here on out. No more asking for money, at least for 8 months. So I ended up spending $50 on the shirt.

I’m excited to see what’ll happen. I really hope I can help these guys stay out of the rainy season and keep them off the streets. It’s crazy to think that you can provide housing for 6 people for 8 months with just $50USD. I also hope this leads to more friendly conversations about topics of a non-financial matter. It’d be nice to really get to know these guys.

In other news I got caught in the rain riding my motorcycle. I wasn’t prepared for this. I got soaked. I discovered that rain starts to really hurt at 60kmh (37 mph). Thankfully my helmet has a flip down visor. I was on my way to the Mercy Ship when I hit the rain, and they were nice enough to let me borrow some clothes while they dried off my wet clothes. I’ll know be carrying my rain jacket and pants in my backpack from now on.


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