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Cellcom does EDGE

Not to be outdone by its competition, Cellcom, Liberia’s second largest GSM carrier, has unveiled EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) on its network. A GSM network supporting the EDGE standard in theory should support data rates of 384kbps. … Continue reading

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Basketball and Roads

Last night I went to the Liberian Basketball Association’s final championship game. The Kings played the Pythons. The match was held at the basketball arena downtown off of Broad Street. When we arrived there were already cars parallel parked all … Continue reading

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Beaches, Taxis, and Apartments

The highlight of the week was the weekend camping/surfing trip to Robertsport. All my surf buddies came out for the weekend and quite a few people from the Mercy Ship were there as well. All told there were probably 20 … Continue reading

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Sadia's Restaurant

I had lunch at Sadia’s the other day, and I figured it was time to do another restaurant review. Overall not half bad, Sadia’s has a fairly varied menu for a Liberian restaurant. Though they were out of jala rice … Continue reading

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Making Research – Part 2

So a lot of things have happened since I last posted. Usually I like to try and keep things in chronological order and preserve the flow of events from one to another. But to capture the business that was this … Continue reading

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