Sadia's Restaurant

I had lunch at Sadia’s the other day, and I figured it was time to do another restaurant review. Overall not half bad, Sadia’s has a fairly varied menu for a Liberian restaurant. Though they were out of jala rice by the time I made it there, granted it was 3:00pm, but who’s counting. Anyway, I had palava sauce and rice. It was pretty good. There was even some beef in the sauce that tasted pretty good. The service was alright and the price wasn’t too bad, 150LD per plate. The décor was also pretty nice for a local restaurant, though I didn’t make it to the bathroom to do my usual check. Though I’m not sure they had one. On the whole a pretty good lunch spot.

Capital Bye Pass, between UL and Cellcom on the swamp side of the road
Monrovia, Liberia

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  1. sadia says:

    sssaaaddiiaa iss thhaa shiiiit