Shark’s Ice Cream

Icecream barIn my humble opinion, Shark’s is the best ice cream in all of Monrovia, and thus all of Liberia, hands down. As soon as it hits your lips you’ll instantly recognize the distinct taste and texture of real cream. No soft serve mix, none of that gelatin nastiness from Monaliza, but real delicious cream, the way ice cream was meant to be. When I was a kid my mom would buy heavy whipping cream, throw in some sugar, salt, and vanilla extract, kick on the churn, and make some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had. That’s exactly what Shark’s taste like, it’s great.

Sharks sign

Shark’s is located down a small side road off of Airfield Road right before Sprigs Airfield. If you’re coming from Tubman, Shark’s will be on your right. Just look for the sign, turn right, and then it’ll be on your right. Can’t miss it.

Shark’s sells its ice cream in a variety of sizes that are reasonably priced. I go with the 75LD small cup, about 6oz. Unless you’re preparing for rainy season hibernation it’s about all the creamy goodness I can handle.

sharks mobile icecreamShark’s also has a mobile ice cream sales force. You’ll notice that they’re ice cream cones retail for 15LD. This is in contrast to Shark’s main competitors, Quench Your Thirst International, who sells cones for 10LD. But once you have a Shark’s cone, you’ll gladly pay that extra 5LD. It’s just so good.

Shark’s Ice cream, the closest thing you’ll find to a Cold Stone/Marble Slab in the whole country.

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  1. Now thats good info!

  2. Sean says:

    Soooomeone’s in the pocket of Big Ice Cream.