Surfing in Sierra Leone

Bureh BeachSo I went to Sierra Leone last week, stopped off in Liberia for a few days and now I’m in Ghana. I’ll talk about this more, but right now I’m trying to catch-up on my blogging. I’ll have a full report of Freetown later, but right now I wanted to make a quick report on some surfing. And even later I’ll talk about Ghana and what not, but to get the ball rolling…

Guys I surfed with in SL

In freetown I hooked up with a couple Freetown based expats who took me surfing at Bureh Beach. On the ride to the beach I just hung my head out the window and soaked in the beauty of the Sierra Leonean country side, so I don’t really know how we got there.  It was about an hour east of Freetown. But we were here N8.20739, W13.15552. On a side note, I noticed Google maps seems to place the coordinates several hundred meters away from where I think they should be, so either Google Maps isn’t super accurate for West Africa, or my GPS was pretty far off. Anyway…

Bureh was gorgeous. After getting out of the car we passed a few huts and signs of human existence, but by and large the place was totally pristine. It reminded me a lot of Robertsport, Liberia. Bureh is a beach break, though sometimes the waves would break along the rocks at the far right of the beach making some left handed rides. On bigger swells a nice line would form and even a few small barrels. The guys I was with told me that the waves were a lot bigger and nicer the day before. Too bad I missed it. I still really enjoyed it. I had a quite a few nice little runs and enjoyed getting out.



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5 Responses to Surfing in Sierra Leone

  1. James says:

    Hey, I am going to Sierra Leone in march 09, and wondered if you knew any local surfers that i could meet up with, or somewhere i could borrow/rent a board from!!
    Great blog by the way.

  2. Nick Jones says:

    Hi There, im off to sierra leone to work for 6 months in october, im just wondering wather its worth taking my surf board, i like good sized waves with power, does sierra leone get this?
    thanks, any information would be useful

  3. daniella says:

    hey Nick!

    Did u bring ur board? R u currently surfing in Sierra Leone? Im going there soon 🙂

  4. Adam says:

    Off to Sierra Leone soon is it it really worth while to take surfing and kiting stuff over should be there for a few months ?! Thanks

    • etherton says:

      If you’re going to be 20 minutes or less from a good surf spot, and you really like to surf, I would think it’s absolutely worth it.