Big shots at the TRC

Full house for Prince Johnson's testimonyRecently the TRC had several of the major actors of Liberia’s civil conflict appearing before their public hearings. As you can see from the picture on the left, it was a packed house. On that day in particular Senator Prince Johnson was appearing Prince Johnson on the standbefore the TRC. Prince Johnson was a leader of rebel faction and is widley believed to be responsible for the death of President Doe. Especially since there’s a video of Johnson tourturing Doe to death and then eating his ear. Unfortunately, Johnson glazed over this issue, saying he wasn’t really sure about what happened to Doe.  The picture on the right is of Johnson at the witness stand.

People leaning through the windows to hear Prince Johnson(4)Despite the omission of a few facts, the day was very good for the TRC. People were happy to see such “big fish” as they call them, appearing before the TRC. So many people came that there weren’t enough seats in the hearing hall, so people crowded by the windows to hear. The TRC even ran a speaker outside so people on the street More peace keepers enforcing ordercould hear the proceedings.  UNMIL was also on duty that day ensuring that nothing happened at the hearings. I had heard some rumors that members of President Doe’s family were intending to kill Johnson when he took the stand. Nothing happened, but it was good to see so many guys in blue hats with AK-47s keeping the peace.



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