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Once again I’m super behind on my posting. I guess this is just how it’s going to be. So I apologize.


So after spending a few days in Liberia after returning from Sierra Leone I got right back on a plane and went the other direction to Ghana. I went to Ghana to do a little work with Busylab. They’re working on a mobile system for farmers in developing countries to get information on every part of the crop supply chain, from prices to shipping expenses and everything in between. They call the system eSoko, which is African for e-Market. I had the honor of working on the initial design of this ground breaking and ambitious project.

At Busy I was working with my long time friend David McCann. David and I have collaborated on some of the best computer science projects of all time. Notably the highly acclaimed networked Scorched Earth we made for CS2335 while undergrads at Georgia Tech. It was such an amazing piece of work that the TA’s had to make-up extra, extra credit to properly recognize the shear brilliance of the program.My bike in Ghana

Anyway, so for 10 days David and I, along with Xose and Andrea , worked on design, researching technologies and deciding how to handle key issues. It was a nice break from Monrovia. We spent all day in an air conditioned room with constant electricity. We even had not so slow internet. Though, after a while I did find myself getting restless from sitting behind a desk all day. I missed having to run errands in town or meet with people on things, but it was still nice to have a little break from Monrovia. One nice thing about the job was that I got to ride a Yamaha 250 to work. It was quite the upgrade from my Chinese 150. Not to mention riding on streets where you can go faster than 45mph.

Ada beach, ghana

Part of my break from Monrovia included watching lots of satellite TV, catching up on all the movies I haven’t seen, and watching the world’s economy crumble. On the weekend we went to Ada beach. It was really cool. It lacks the waves of Robertsport but it was still really a lot of fun. We took a 10 minute boat ride from a little resort hotel to a thin (200 yard) little peninsula between the Volta River and the Atlantic. We slept in little huts with country flags painted on the doors. David and I slept in the American flag hut.

The hut David and I shared

Fishers pulling in their catch

In the morning the local fisherman stood on the beach and pulled in these huge nets that had the catch of the day. When they brought it all in we bought 4 cuttle fish fom them and made calamari. It was really good.

john and divine at peace march (2)

At the end of my stay in Ghana I joined Devine, one of the house keepers at the place where I was staying, for a peace march. We were marching to promote peace in Ghana with the upcoming elections. Already there had been some violence in the northern regions of Ghana. The march started an hour and a half late, but it was still cool, and fun to be a part of. I also got some way cool t-shirts from the event. Which is important, it’s hard to find a good t-shirt from a country here that’s not super touristy. So I was excited about that too.

Upon returning to Monrovia I met up with Guilhem, who I had gone surfing with in Sierra Leone, and we went to Robertsport for a day trip. The weather was terrible, but when we got to RP the conditions were perfect. It was great.



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