Surfing and the weather

John on Wave (1)I just wanted to make a quick post saying that the surf has picked up noticeably in these last couple of weeks. We went from really small, disorganized and choppy waves to really small, organized, nicely shaped and consistent waves. So still small, but a lot of fun to ride and easy to catch. The later being important to me. The sets are even coming in a lot quicker than before. I’m hoping this marks the transition from the messy rainy season waves to the pretty dry season waves. I’ll keep ya posed.

John on Wave (3)Another change I’ve observed lately, that could possibly be related to the improved waves, is the weather. It’s been… almost cold. The other night I was beginning to almost start to regret wearing shorts. I drove home with the windows down and heater on. Kinda like what I would do in October in Atlanta. It was fantastic. The mornings have also been nice and… not hot. So that’s been very nice. It’s kinda like winter… sorta.

These two pics are me surfing in Robertsport. Again, not the biggest waves, but good clean fun none the less.

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