Europe Road Trip Day – 1

John and Adam on train to AntwerpenYeah I know. I haven’t even finished writing up my motorcycle trip and now I’ve started another epic journey. What can I say. After this I doubt I’ll get any more vacation time for the rest of the year. And I am working on the motorcycle trip, I just have to take advantage of this fast internet while I have it.

So the back ground story, Adam McQueen, college friend, and I agreed to spend two weeks traveling Europe together, and most of that hanging out in Prague where I know Ms. Natalie Van Hoose, who teaches English there, and kindly agreed to put us up.

Delarium Bar, 2000 beers on handBoth Adam and I knew that we were too busy with our lives to plan for this trip. So when I flew into BRU at 5:00am that’s when we started planning. Adam had seen a rental car shop advertise a Smart Car for 10 Euros a day. This is what I like about Adam, he sees a good idea and goes with it. Needless to say we waited till the rental agency opened up and reserved a smart car for two weeks for 525 euros.

Train station in antwerpenThe lady at the rental place was super helpful and told us if we took the train to Antwerpen we wouldn’t have to pay the 100euro airport fee. so we took the train to Antwerpen, then a bus, but then ended up 5km in the wrong direction. Adam stuck out his thumb and in 30 seconds we were picked up by the first passer by who loved that Adam was an American from TX.

John and smart carWe get to the car place and they didn’t have the keys for the car. So they talked to the airport office who paid for a taxi to take us back to the airport where we got out smart car, minus the airport service fee. Such customer service just doesn’t exist where I come from. Thanks Sixt Rentals!!

Then Grand Plac Brussels (3)we drove around Brussels, got lost, probably broke some traffic laws, and saw all the important sites in Brussels, whcih aren’t many. Then we hit the road trying to make it to Germany. We soon realized that we were both exhausted from our travels and ended up heading to Huy, Belgium to stay with some friends of Adams, Clay and Megan.

Farms (2)Huy is awesome. It’s the small little town that’s so perfect, no tourist, no gimmiks just small town europe. After being in Monovia where there’s effectively no tourism, seeing all the View out of clay and megan's apartment (2)manufactured restaurants and shops in Brussels made me a little sick, but Huy is perfect. It’s so laid back, the beer is amazing the food is good and the feel is incredible. Check out this amazing view from Clay and Megan’s apartment.

And that’s all for today. Join us tomorrow when we head to Germany.  If you want a preview of what’s to come check out our

tenative route.

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