Europe Road Trip Day – 2

Smart Car off roading

Today we left Huy, Belgium and headed south on some great back country roads to Luxembourg. Along the way we came across some old logging trails and tested out the off road capabilities of the smart car. Needless to say we got it stuck. It seems the wheel base of the smart car is the same as the stance of a regular car, so our ride got stuck perpendicular to the ruts in the road. Thankfully the car weights nothing, so Adam put a log under the car and just leveraged the back wheels off the ground so i could push it around till we got it out.

John In LuxembourgIn Luxembourg I ate at a Tex-Mex restaurant. I was in heaven. Fajitas with sour cream. What more could you want? We also had some great ice cream and then hit the road. Luxembourg seemed really cool, and less touristy that Brussels. I’ve also been noticing that everyone in Europe has sweet motorcycles. It really makes me wana buy one in Liberia, but they’re way too expensive and hard to find. I finally checked off a life goal of driving on the autobahn today, but it was in a smart car that was electronically limited to 150kmh, so I’ll need to keep working on that.

Fort BitcheWe stopped in Bitche, France where we saw the Bitche fort, then we drove through Germany to Tuebingen where we’ll be staying the night. In Tuebingen is a campus ministry that affiliated with the campus ministry I went to at Georgia Tech. It’s so nice having friends in cool places.

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