Europe Road Trip Day – 3

John, Chandler, Adam, Stephany, and Tyler. Old school CCFWe started out day 3 in Tuebingen, Germany. We had spent the night at the Globalscope Germany campus house. Chandler Creel was kind enough to show us around the town. In the morning he and some other fellow GT-CCF alumni were working on the walkway to the house, so to avoid hard work Adam and I grabbed some pastries and headed for Stuttgart.

Porche show room (2)In Stuttgart we tried to find the Mercedes museum, but it seemed to be too much work. I found a DHL office and mailed in a broken part from the X-ray machine in the dental clinic in Monrovia. This is how things get fixed in Africa. Someone takes them to Europe and mails them in from there. Right as we were leaving Stuttgart we saw a sign on an exit that said “Porsche” instantly Adam drove across traffic, and we were in heaven. We didn’t feel like paying to go in the museum, so we were quite happy to just walk around the show room. We picked out colors, trim, and rims. It was way cool. We then drove on to Prague.

Proche, my favorite color (3)Along the way we stopped at a Burger King on the side of the road. Adam was disappointed that were weren’t having a “cultural experience”, but I was happy to have a first world experience that reminded me of home. We also got a little scared when we saw signs to prepay for toll roads. We thought we were just flying through the electronic payment stations. Then we asked someone and they said it was only for lorries, so we were all right. Close call.

On the last stretch before Czech the inevitable happened, we got pulled over. It was so refreshingly pleasant. After spending the last year and a half dealing with law enforcement officers that only want bribes, and not justice, meeting two of Germany’s finest who were just checking a rental car from Belgium before it got to the Czech Republic was so nice. They were in an unmarked Audi and pulled up behind us and followed us for a while. Then they pulled in front of us and a little LED screen popped up from their trunk and told us to pull over. It was way slick. If the LNP only knew. They both spoke perfect English and were very nice. They just asked for passports and if we had any drugs or weapons. We laughed and said, “No.” They started to search our bags, but then just looked at them and said, “yeah it’s OK.” They asked how far we had come and where we were going, and then told us we needed a bigger car. No mention of us going 140kmh (86mph) when we passed them. And then we were off.

Natalie's place (2)At around 7:00pm we pulled into Natalie’s place in Prague. Her place is way sweet. The man who owns the apartment complex is an architect, and the apartment she has the owner built for himself, so it’s way nice. Natalie and I went for a drink in Prague to get a sense of the city and Adam stayed home and researched BMW options for the drive home.

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  1. anna says:

    OMG i did the same trip last year from frankfurt through luxenburg then germany again to Austria ,Italy France,then we nded up in Denmark.
    Have a good time.

  2. Guter Blog, war ueberrauscht!