Europe Road Trip Day – 4

Army shop with confederate flagToday we didn’t do quite as much as previous days. We hung around Natalie’s apartment till 1:00 and then went out for lunch. On the way out we saw an army surplus store that had a confederate flag flying out side. Not what we expected to see in Eastern Europe.

Getting your car towedSo after lunch we walked around Prague for a bit and just took it in. One thing that caught our eye was how they tow vehicles. They don’t tow them, they just lift them off the ground and put them on the back of a truck and drive away with them. This is a little scary when you drive a 231lb Smart Car and they’re picking up a full size SUV.

Prague (10)Then Adam and I drove around the northern end of Prague looking for a shooting range we never found. That was kinda a bummer, and then we hit some horrible traffic trying to get back into town and got lost for a while.

John, Natalie, and AdamAfter an hour we finally met back-up with Natalie. From there we had dinner at a great little place and then continued to tour Prague at night. We saw some really great squares and ended the night with a drink in a bar that was in some underground catacombs. It was way cool. On the walk home to the tram we got rained on and the temperature had dropped a little. I was very happy to get to wear my jacket for the first time since being stateside in November. I miss occasional cold weather.

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