Europe Road Trip Day – 6, 7, 8

Cop that pulled me overThursday, day 6, we just slept it, and pretty much did nothing all day. It was awesome. At night we went out, got some sausages, and saw the new X-Men movie. I was super excited to watch a movie in a theater. We don’t really get Hollywood releases in Monrovia. We also ran into the cop that pulled me over the day before and got a picture of him. He didn’t seem to understand what we wanted, but was very nice

Prague (2)Prague CastleFriday, day 7, we did touristy stuff. Adam and I walked around and saw the Prague Castle. The castle complex seemed cool, we walked around it a bit, but Adam and I didn’t go inside anything since you have to pay for tours. Something about super touristy stuff like that just doesn’t appeal to me. I think it stems from my living abroad in a country where there is no tourism, that a prepackaged walk through of some old building seems like a silly way to get to know a place. Like I’d rather walk around in a super market to get a feel from Prague than take a tour. I’m probably a bit of an elitist too, but like after walking my self around bombed out buildings and rain forest in Liberia it just seems less cool to have someone else do it for you with 30 other tourist and souvenir shops everywhere. The day there’s guided tour of Liberia’s shot up downtown will probably be the day I move on.  But anyway…

development and warSpeaking of war, we saw this really cool mural of the never ending cycle of war and development. Coming from Liberia I can really identify with it. We don’t have any idea who painted this or whystring quartet (2). If you can’t make it out from the thumbnail it’s mobius strip with alternating tanks and bulldozers/backhoes/front end loaders on it. To round out our Friday we saw a string quartet perform some classical greatest hits including the Spring and Summer from the four seasona and Cannon in D. They played at an old church right by the river. We were a little weary of how touristy this may be, and it was touristy, but they played very well and I enjoyed it.

Cesky Raj (9)Cesky Raj - castle ruinsSaturday, day 8, we went to Cesky Raj. This translates to Czech Paradise. It’s the country’s oldest national park and is very pretty. We only saw a part of it where the forest is met by some very impressive sand stone pillars. We did a 3km hike that had lots of off shoot trails that led to some amzing views. And as always just seeing the countryside was Czech country side (2)amazing as always. We took a bus out to Cesky Raj so it was nice to just sit and watch the country side roll by and then fall asleep.

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