Guys digging sandGuys digging sand (4)So a while ago I was out doing some GT research work, and I kept seeing these dump trucks full of sand. A new on would roll past every 15 or 20 minutes. After wrapping up the days work we decided to check it out. Because of the regularity of the sand we thought they might have a back-hoe or front end loader on the beach, but no, it’s just a lot of guys.

Guys digging sand (2)I was probably the first white guy to ever show up on their beach. I met the owner, the manager, the head security guy, and everyone else. They were all very nice, and after some talking agreed to let me take pictures as long as I used them to show people how hard they are working here in Liberia. And they are working very hard. These guys are out here in the sun throwing shovel’s full of sand into dump trucks 14 feet in the air non-stop.  They asked me to appeal to the international community for assistance. They’d like a back hoe. I think it’s just awesome that they have jobs and are working so hard. Others in Liberia turn to less honest means, and even more just sit around a do nothing. So here’s to these guys for being motivated.

JohnAnd on a slightly related note check me out on this wave at Robertsport from the swell that rolled through three weeks ago. Needless to say it was awesome. And yeah, my stance needs some work.

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  1. You didn’t mention that those sand miners are ruining our sand bars at the nearby beaches! Man, I was on someone’s land probably a mile or more inland from the beach and they had opened up a quarry of sorts for sand. Great quality sand, too, not full of salt, and all kinds of textures, too. I wish the government would open up such a place inland for mining, or someone could buy a big plot of land for that purpose. I wonder if we should talk to the EPA about opening up land for such a purpose. I guess the question would be what to do with it after it’s all dug out.

  2. Bill Allen says:

    Your stance actually makes you look like your riding a really serious wave. Not that I really know anything about surfing. 🙂 How’d you get the picture?