Europe Road Trip Day – The rest of it

Sausage standSo last we left off, Adam and I were in Prague and had seen some hills, watched the latest X-men movie and listened to some classical Music. To the left is our favorite sausage stand in Prague. I do miss $2.00 sausages.

Prague castle, hazyTowards the end of our stay in Prague we discovered the areas around the castle where the moat and the gardens are.  I really liked this area. Mainly because it wasn’t super toursity. There were hardly any people there. I think it’s because I live in Liberia, but touristy stuff just doesn’t appeal to me. A hundred all shops selling “Prague Drinking Team” shirts seems so repulsive. But the gardens were way cool and moat was slick too.

Inside rebuilt church in Dresden (5)Dresden from rebuilt church roofSo after Prague we headed back to Germany. Our first stop was Dresden. I really like Dresden. Apparently Dresden was bombed back into the stone age by American bombers in WWII. We sure are big fans of air strikes aren’t we? So the whole city has been completely rebuilt this century. This was evident by the wide streets, side walks, and plenty of parking. But they still kept the European aesthetic. So it was the best of both worlds. Car and pedestrian friendly, but with old world charm. Rebuilt church in DresdenWe visited this old church that had just finished being rebuilt a couple years ago. That was awesome. The church was really pretty, and it was also kinda cool seeing that style of building looking so new. I felt like the interior wasn’t real since I’m used to old cathedrials with their drewry colors. This place was all bright and very pastel. Felt a little like a Precious Moments church or something.

John nailing 95 theses to the church in WittenbergFrom Dresden we went to Wittenberg to visit the church that Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to.  Wittenberg was a fairly quite and small town. The church is part of a college and was built into some other education buildings, so it didn’t like like your typical church. The door that the thesis was nailed to burned down a long time ago, and since then they have replaced it with two iron doors that have the 95 thesis on them. Adam and I are both Protestant believers, so it was neat to be at place where such a defining moment occurred in the history of our faith.

210kmphJohn maxing out the BMW 318dThe next day we head to Düsseldorf, Germany where we met up with Dana Rosen. Dana used to live with me in Monrovia back in 2008. Dana and her parents were kind enough to let us stay with them for two nights. They had a really nice apartment in the Düsseldorf suburbs. In Düsseldorf Adam and I were on a mission to drive really fast on the famed German Autobahns. We had wanted to rent a BMW 330 or BMW 6, but when we called around to the local car rental agencies we were only able to find a 318d. German contry sideI know, a diesel, not what we had in mind. None the less, we didn’t let this stop us. We were able to hit 220kmph, or 130mph. I know this isn’t that fast, and someone is going tell me how they did 150 in  Porche across TX, but A. this was done totally legally, and B. I was going that fast on cruise control. I do love cruise control. While in Düsseldorf we ate at a great steak place and then the next night hit up a Thai restaurant. For me this was huge. I so miss Thai food. Adam and I also made this stop motion video of our driving in Germany.

3 megawatt wind turbineDana’s father works for Siemens doing power generation, so we asked him about the huge windmills we’d seen all over the country. He said the area covered by the wing span of the blades is equal to a soccer field. And that each one generates 3 mega watts. Coming from a country that is powered solely a bunch of 1-200 kilo watt generators this was just amazing. I mean all you’d need is 2 or 3 of these and you’d have more than enough power for all of Monrovia. Granted Monrovia doesn’t have enough wind, but still. The really crazy part is that we probably saw a couple hundred windmills in Germany and they only make up 3% of German’s power.

Amsterdam (6)John throwing dartsAfter our two day sojourn in Düsseldorf we drove to Amsterdam. The first day we got there we just found this sweet little English style pub and watched the French open, played darts, and hung out. It was really cool. Every time someone walked in everyone at the bar would turn and be like, “Hey Charley.” It was like being at Cheers or something. It was way cool. The next day we walked around and checked stuff out. Amsterdam was another terribly touristy city, so I just wasn’t terrible impressed. We walked through the red light district and it just felt trashy.

So later that day Adam and I parted ways. Adam stayed the night in Amsterdam and flew back to the states while I drove back to Brussels, dropped off the car and then flew out the next day. All in all an awesome trip.

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