Liberian Traffic Law

If you’re like me, an expat driving around Liberia with a private car license plate, you probably get pulled over all for various traffic infractions you didn’t even you know you committed. If you’re fortunate enough to have a UNMIL, Republic of Liberia, Consular Diplomat, or Non-Governmental Organization (this only works when it’s on a shiny white SUV) license plate, this doesn’t apply to you. You can drive like an idiot all day long and not get pulled over.

The problem is, aside from the socioeconomic profiling that stems from corruption, that no one really knows the traffic law. Can I legally put a surf board on the roof of a taxi? Is it illegal to make a U-turn when there are no traffic signs in the country? What is the speed limit on a pot holed road in a shanty town?

Well, a while ago I got pulled over and after talking my way out of it, I agreed to buy a copy of the Liberian Vehicle Traffic law from the officer for $20. A day later I had my copy of the law. It was in a very nicely bound book. Each page seemed to be photocopied out of an even older book. Just by looking at it I got the feeling that somewhere, some Liberian police officer was missing his copy.

I think the law is dated to some time around the ’70s. So it may not be the most up to date law, but it’s the only law you can get. There’s no driver’s hand book, or other publication that informs the public on how to drive. In light of this lack of information I’ve posted the entirety of the book here for anyone to educate themselves on how to drive in Liberia. I also had a little help from an independent scanning contractor.  I hope this will lead to a better informed, and safer driving public. If nothing else I’d especially like to point out section 6.35.6, which discusses the use of high beams. This is one of my pet peevs here.

LIB Vehicle Traffic Law 1 – Cover to p369 (8 pages).pdf (5.1mb)

LIB Vehicle Traffic Law 2 – p370 to p376 (7 pages).pdf (2.9mb)

LIB Vehicle Traffic Law 3 – p377 to p400 (24 pages).pdf (10.2mb)

LIB Vehicle Traffic Law 4 – p401 to p420 (20 pages).pdf (8.5mb)

LIB Vehicle Traffic Law 5 – p421 to p439 (20 pages).pdf (8.1mb)

LIB Vehicle Traffic Law 6 – p440 to p446 (7 pages).pdf (2.9mb)

LIB Vehicle Traffic Law 7 – p447 to p458 (11 pages).pdf (4.5mb)

LIB Vehicle Traffic Law 8 – p459 to p467 (9 pages).pdf (3.7mb)

LIB Vehicle Traffic Law 9 – p468 to p492 (25 pages).pdf (11.6mb)

LIB Vehicle Traffic Law(pdfs).zip (57.8mb)

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6 Responses to Liberian Traffic Law

  1. Rusty says:

    Sweet, thanks John. In about a week I’ll be done downloading these.

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  3. Ron Allan says:

    Greetings, John. I have just downloaded your zip file of the Vehicle and Traffic Law. I wanted Chapter 7 on vehicle weights and dimensions as I am in Liberia to study the problem of truck overloading. (It is an EU project.) It took a quite a while for 56MB. The internet at the Cape Hotel is slow, but it doesn’t fall over!

    You are the only person to the legislation on the web. Thanks for taking the trouble.

  4. Vamunyan M Dorley says:

    Thank you very much for publishing our Vehicle And Traffic Law Of Liberia . All of these section and Charpter is very important but are not implemented until something serious happen. All because of INSTREST .

  5. dr. mumtaz says:

    good day
    its not only the private lic plate vehicles. I am a medical specialist doctor with an NGO with ng lic plate no and name of my mission is even mounted on the vehicle doors but every now and then they stop, i show all the papers but they make some lame points, mostly they dont bothet to tell why they had stoppdd us…. its quite annoying and rude attitudes of traffic policeman here, though few of them are good also…