Kpatawee Falls

Bong FallsI had the chance to visit Kpatawee Falls in Bong County earlier this month. I drove up there with Gaurav, Meredith, Andrew, and Guthrie. We had originally started off with a few other people but their vehicle broke down not to far from Monrovia, so we forged on alone. We drove up Saturday afternoon and stayed at a guest house right outside of Gbanga. The name of the guest house escapes me, but it was a nice place. I brought my GPS along for the trip and have a

Google Earth file of the trip including both the hiking and the driving, and for those of you who own a Garmin GPS you can import this Garmin Data file into your GPS if you want to follow our path.

Bong Falls 2nd fallsGuthrie had been to the falls before and had been to the first and second falls, and had heard of a 3rd set of falls, but wasn’t sure how far they were. So we packed as though we’d be on a 6 hour hike, but it ended up being much shorter than that. I think it took us just under an hour to reach the third and final falls, which weren’t that impressive. The picture at the right is the 2nd set of falls. And the picture up top is the 1st set of falls.

Bong Falls parking lot (2)Bong Falls, looking over the topThe parking area is right at the foot of the first set of falls and is fenced in and well groomed. We arrived really early so there was no one there when we set out, but when we returned there were a few locals standing guard. They charged us few Liberian Dollars per person for security and upkeep of the park. They even gave us a receipt. It was all very professional. We ended up having a lot of fun swimming around the falls. A couple kids from a nearby village showed us which rocks you could jump off of and not break your neck, so it was a lot of fun. The picture to the left  is the parking lot, and the one on the right is looking down from the top of the falls. On the way home we made this short little film.

Flag on carIn other news Flag Day was August 24th and I celebrated by decking out the car with this Liberian flag. Someone had the good business sense to get a bunch of these flags in time for the Liberian Independence (Independence from what?) day and Flag Day. I don’t know who it is, but it’s a great idea. Tons of cars had them and it’s nice to see some patriotism in Liberia.

Vishal, Maura, John, CalistaOSR Trying small (2)Running off the success of the “Don’t Raze Me Broh” shirts, which you can see our lovely spokesmodels wearing here, we’ve made a 2nd run of “Trying Small” Obama shirts. We’ve even started to experiment with white ink. If you want one, act quickly, they’re flying off the shelf.

don't bribe a policeFinally, I wanted to thank the Carter Center Liberia for making the best bumper sticker of all time. So far I haven’t been pulled over. Check out the use of that article.

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