Five Points Jazz Fest and Mountain Biking

StageThis past weekend was the 8th Annual Five Points Jazz Fest. Five Points, the neighborhood we now live in, is traditionally an African American, which according to Wikipedia, “is considered the “Harlem of the West” due to its long jazz history.” So it’s only logical that we’d have a Jazz Fest. I was a little disappointed that the City of Denver, didn’t bother to tell me that I couldn’t leave my car on the street that Saturday morning. Thankfully my next door neighbors clued me in, and no parking infractions occurred. The picture at the top is the main stage, where top shelf acts performed.

Looking to capitalize on the free bands and the first sunny day in months, Carrie and I decided to grill out in the front yard and invite over some friends. We even bought a new Brinkmann grill from Homedepot. It’s not as sturdy as I’d like, but it seems you have to jump up to the $600 price point to get that.

In other news I started mountain biking after a three year hiatus. There was no way I was going to ship my precious mountain bike over to Liberia. On Sunday I hit up Elk Meadow Park, in Evergreen, CO, which is part of the Jefferson County Open Space. It was a killer climb, that made me walk way more than I care to admit. In an hour and 15 minutes I climbed 1600 feet. It was a good work out and a great test of will, not to mention an excellent way to acclimatize. The base of the trail is at 7582 feet. It didn’t have the rolling hills and jumps that I love, but it was a good exercise and pretty fun. Here is the

KML File of my route.


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