Bison Peak – Hiking

This past weekend I had my first over night hiking experience in Colorado. It was a lot of fun. I went with 3 friends from my church. They had all been hiking in this kind of climate before and I was amazed at how unconcerned they were with the rain. After camping in Florida, Georgia, Washington (state), and Liberia the rain, and having a proper structure with which to escape the rain, is always first and foremost, but these guys were all about just sleeping under the stars. Amazing.

Bison Peak is way cool, There’s a nice little boulder field at the top and even though it’s not a 14er, it still has an excellent view. I had originally been told the hike was a gradual up hill, and the first mile or so is, but after that it’s more of a consistent uphill. Which would have been fine, had we camped the 2nd night near water, but we didn’t. Somehow we thought the place we camped the 2nd night, which was an awesome spot, was a 10 minute walk away. In reality, it was 1.75 miles across and 1373 feet down. Which, after hiking all day, is pretty far. So let that be a lesson to you, consult your map, or GPS, and not your memory when guesstimating how far away water is.

On the whole, a great hike, good weather, and a tad steep after mile 2.23.

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