Mount Bierstadt

My youngest three sisters and father came and visited me for a week. It was the first time my sisters had been in Colorado, so what else would we do, but climb a 14er. The 14er in question was Mount Bierstadt. We chose it because it was supposed to be an easy day hike, it was less than 2 hours from Denver, and some friends had done it recently who assured us it was doable. That’s myself and my sister and Anna at the boulder field right before the top.

Elevation Profile
GPX file

The mountain was doable, and we did climb it all in a day, but boy was it steep. Once you start going up, you just keep going up. I also seemed to undo my altitude¬†acclimation¬†by going to Liberia the week before. I had to stop a couple of times and catch my breath and I had a headache for a while. My two youngest sisters climbed straight up with no problems at all. It made me feel a little out of shape… and old.

But once you get the top, the views are awesome. We packed lots of water and cold weather clothes, but we ended up not needing it all. The weather stayed around 75 the whole time, but better safe than sorry.



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