Boulder Lake Camping

In this installment of the adventures of Carrie and John we head to Boulder Lake. We were joined by another adventurous couple, Rachel and Zach, and then the non-couple of Rachel and Katie. As you can see from the picture on the left. Boulder Lake is beautiful, like a postcard. This was also my first trip out with my new circular polerizer, I think it was a good investment.

It was a little tricky finding the trail head. You actually have to leave the paved road, which obviously I loved. Big Red finally got to stretch her legs. The important thing is to just keep going on the dirt road. Don’t stop until the road dead ends.

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The biggest tip of this trip is to bring mosquito spray, lots of it. Also, after way over packing on my Bison Peak trip I decide to shed all the unnecessary weight, which included my rain pants, and of course, then it rains and I wish I had them. This was also my first trip with my new Osprey Talon 44 pack. All my friends on the Bison Peak trip had smaller light weight packs and I was jealous, so I bought one, and I loved it. The foam hip belt was comfortable and the space was perfect. My only complaint was the frame didn’t seem to be tall enough for the straps to clear my shoulders, but had I gotten the next larger size the hip belt would have been too lose. That’s what you get for having a non-standard height to width ratio. That’s Carrie and I on the left over a stream. There were some really pretty streams that I wish we had, had the time to explorer.

As an added bonus we had an unexpected wildlife encounter. As we were hiking we out we stumbled upon this Moose. He just watched us for a minute then returned to munching on the undergrowth.

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