Mountain Biking Green Mountain

Today I went mountain biking at Green Mountain with some people from the Lakewood Mountain Biking Meet Up group. It’s a short 26 minute, or so, drive from my place. Things like that always bias me towards liking a place. It sure beats driving an hour to some of the other places around Denver. The ride started at 6:15pm, so I didn’t have time to check out the whole mountain before the sun set.

Elevation Profile
GPX File

The part of the mountain that I did check out was pretty cool. We started off with a shallow up hill for 3 miles, and then had a pretty steady up hill for 2 miles, followed by a steep, for me, downhill for 2 miles. I have to say it was more long ups and steep downs then I like. I’d rather some flowing ups and downs then long ups and long downs.

I also think I need to get better at going fast downhill, most of the group was able to fly down the hills a lot faster than me. I did learn that I had my tires inflated way more than some other people in the group. This could account for the bounciness when going down hill.

At any rate, Green Mountain, was a good ride, that tested my skills, and worked me out pretty well. I’m sure I’ll be back.


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