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My first visit to Marshall Mesa was tragic. My beloved 2005 Specialized Enduro had her rear derailleur screw holes ripped out by a fault link in the chain. Sadly, this little injury meant that a derailleur could no longer fit on the frame, and thus the bike was finished. So after finding a 2010 Specialized Pitch on clearance I returned to Marshall Mesa undaunted.

The trail was great. A little up hill, a flat section, and then some fantastic flowing downhill. There was a section with some technical steps, and I’m told beyond that was a place with some drops, but I never made it that far. So far this place is one of my favorite tracks. The Pitch was awesome. Soaked up everything and moved like a champ.

Marshall Mesa KML File

On Saturday I went to the Barnum Bike Park. Located at 8th Ave and Knox Court this place has a terrific location. They also had a lot of really good jumps for all levels of rider. Which I loved because I’m not yet at the point of flying off an 8 foot jump with a 10 foot gap and then another 8 foot ramp to land on. I’m more of the 4 foot table top sort of guy. If you’re in Denver and don’t want to drive forever to do some biking off of the asphalt I strongly suggest you check it out.

Barnum Bike Course KML File

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