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Hey, this is a re-posting of a blog entry by Kate Cummings about the iLab Liberia. iLab is a computer lab that Kate and I founded in Liberia with the aim of providing a user experience similar to what we enjoy in the US, and other wired countries, to encourage the use of ICTs in sharing and organizing information in Liberia:

iLab Liberia, a project of the Ushahidi Liberia team, has been bustling since it opened this May.  iLab has become Liberia’s go-to resource center for local IT professionals, a training ground in open source software and has been known to throw a pretty mean mapping party.
We’ve told you a bit about iLab on this blog before, but now we have a visual aid to better introduce ourselves.  We started the space as a way to train people in the Ushahidi platform with adequate connectivity and equipment, and now we’re holding FOSS trainings for the Liberian legislature and serving as the data entry hub for national Elections Coordinating Committee. So many good and unexpected things start with a tool that serves to connect, and to ask people – what is your story?  Now we are asking, who is your community? And we get to be part of the answer.  It’s an exciting time to be in Liberia – with a presidential election next month, broadband Internet   landing offshore in 2012 and increasing overlaps between Liberia’s  development and tech communities.  We hope you’ll take a look at our video to learn more about what iLab is doing to promote IT access and innovation in Liberia.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    John, thanks for posting this info about ILab Liberia. This is sooo needed. I hope to be in Liberia this year and I’ll check them out.