Liberian Campaign Signs

Here’s a sampling of Liberian campaign signs that I saw on my drive home today. I’m back in Liberia for two weeks to help out the Ushahidi Liberia team as they help other monitor and track the¬†electoral¬†process here.

Some of the pictures of President Sirleaf are a little less than flattering, so I wonder if she did not approve all of the signs people have put up on her behalf. I do like how her signs use lots of Liberian English. I’m also curious what the 2 squares are that look like place holders for a missing image on some of her signs.

The sign for Edwin Snowe for the House of Representatives is memorable for its pun that your probably more likely to get if your from a slightly colder climate, but I got it, and I’m thankful for that.


Link to high rest image gallery


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