Liberian Election Stuff

So it’s late, and thus, this will be short, but I want to share some scans and pictures I have of Liberian election stuff I have. First a couple list of contact info. This is a list of the political parties taking part in the Liberia 2011 elections: Political-Parties-of-Liberia-Contact-info-2011-10-06. Then I also have the contact info of all the election magistrates: Election-magistrate-offices-Liberia-2011-10-05.

Finally, here are some pictures of the “how to guides” for the elections… toward the botton of the page.  Oh, and at the very bottom are some crazy pictures of the women at Air Field prostrating themselves in the dirt as they pray for God to help Ellen get re-elected. It’s a bit more humbling than a bunch of white people in a stadium praying for God to help a presidential candidate, but I still question if this is the most effective use of prayer.



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