30th Birthday

It was my 30th Birthday on Friday, my fourth birthday in Liberia. It was also the day the Congress for Democratic Change(CDC) had their march on Monrovia. I wish they had called me first, it made it hard for people to meet up with me for dinner.

I was pretty impressed with the order of the CDC march. It certainly disrupted traffic, but the police were doing a good job keeping things moving and stopping the marchers to let you turn and stuff. The marchers also seemed pretty orderly. I didn’t hear of incidents of misbehavior. I look forward to seeing how the Unity Party march goes on Sunday. Hopefully it will be just as smooth.

For my birthday I met up with a bunch of friends at Sajj restaurant in Sinkor. When I walked in the manager recognized me and said, “I hear it’s your birthday.” I love that about Liberia. Where else would you walk into a restaurant and some how they know it’s your birthday. It’ll be a while before I have this happen to me in Denver. A lot of my old friends form Liberia where back for the elections. It was really cool to see all of them.

Sajj has also installed a dance floor and had salsa dancing going on. It was really cool. It reminded me of La Noche, just less sketchy.


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