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Liberia 2008 Shape Files

I’ve had a few people ask for this data since the 2014 Ebola outbreak started, so I thought I’d make it public. This file includes the county boundaries, political district boundaries (not electoral districts), roads, and populated places. This data … Continue reading

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Don’t Censor Search

Just because I strongly disagree with the EU’s ruling on the “right to be forgotten.” If someone wants to be forgotten they should ask the organization hosting the content to remove it, not de-list it from a search engine. I … Continue reading

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A Panel Discussion on Media, Technology and International Development

Today I had the privilege of being a part of a panel that was discussing media, technology and international development. The event was put on by The University of Colorado Denver’s School of Public Affairs and organized by Ms. Susan Abbott, a Sr. Program … Continue reading

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Liberia – May 2012 update

I was back in Liberia in May of this year for a short visit. Below are my thoughts and observations ACE Cable What trip to Liberia would be complete with out talking about the ACE Cable. Since my last trip … Continue reading

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Flash 11 on Ubuntu 11.10 64bit

Hey, So after the last update to my Ubuntu install Flash stopped working on all my browsers. Which means no Pandora. Which is a no go. After Googling around I couldn’t find any fixes. However, the comments in the Ubuntu … Continue reading

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Ushahidi Trusted Developer

Today I found out that I have the honor of being a Ushahidi Trusted Developer. Ushahidi put out a blog post announcing that I have been their latest developer to achieve such notoriety. The work I have done in both building plugins … Continue reading

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iLab in Balancing Act

iLab was featured in this weeks issue of Balancing Act as its top story. Check it out: Balancing Act interviewed me last week asking about the work we do at iLab. It’s pretty exciting to be featured in publications … Continue reading

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Lonestar Vs. Cellcom – Getting connected

I was in Liberia the first couple of weeks of October of this year, and while I was there I visited Lonestar and Cellcom to get a sense of their internet offers, both mobile and fixed wireless. I wanted to … Continue reading

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2011 Liberian Elections Data

I had the privilege of working with the Ushahidi Liberia team as they helped elections related organizations map and organize their data. As a result of all of this I was able to collect a fair number of elections related data sets. I decided … Continue reading

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Liberian 2011 Elections

October 11th, 2011, the day of general elections in Liberia, is drawing to a close here in Monrovia and there really isn’t too much to say. The day has passed by peaceably without any major disturbances. There were long lines at most … Continue reading

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