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A Panel Discussion on Media, Technology and International Development

Today I had the privilege of being a part of a panel that was discussing media, technology and international development. The event was put on by The University of Colorado Denver’s School of Public Affairs and organized by Ms. Susan Abbott, a Sr. Program … Continue reading

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Liberia – May 2012 update

I was back in Liberia in May of this year for a short visit. Below are my thoughts and observations ACE Cable What trip to Liberia would be complete with out talking about the ACE Cable. Since my last trip … Continue reading

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Flash 11 on Ubuntu 11.10 64bit

Hey, So after the last update to my Ubuntu install Flash stopped working on all my browsers. Which means no Pandora. Which is a no go. After Googling around I couldn’t find any fixes. However, the comments in the Ubuntu … Continue reading

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Ushahidi Trusted Developer

Today I found out that I have the honor of being a Ushahidi Trusted Developer. Ushahidi put out a blog post announcing that I have been their latest developer to achieve such notoriety. The work I have done in both building plugins … Continue reading

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Lonestar Vs. Cellcom – Getting connected

I was in Liberia the first couple of weeks of October of this year, and while I was there I visited Lonestar and Cellcom to get a sense of their internet offers, both mobile and fixed wireless. I wanted to … Continue reading

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2011 Liberian Elections Data

I had the privilege of working with the Ushahidi Liberia team as they helped elections related organizations map and organize their data. As a result of all of this I was able to collect a fair number of elections related data sets. I decided … Continue reading

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Blog Post at on SMS in Liberia

I had the opportunity to guest write a blog post on the Ushahidi blog were I talked about the issues and solutions we encountered while using SMS in Liberia. Liberia’s infrastructure was greatly weakened by the civil war there, and … Continue reading

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Meet iLab Liberia

Hey, this is a re-posting of a blog entry by Kate Cummings about the iLab Liberia. iLab is a computer lab that Kate and I founded in Liberia with the aim of providing a user experience similar to what we … Continue reading

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Embedding Ushahidi

This is mainly a test for a friend that was asking what it would take to embed an Ushahidi map in a blog. Pretty much it just took an iFrame, and adjusting the CSS and layout of the map page … Continue reading

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Upcoming Google Event in Monrovia

As an FYI: Google and Ushahidi will be co hosting a 1 day workshop/conference on technology and its possible uses in the upcoming elections. It’ll have a focus on how technology has worked in the elections of other countries to … Continue reading

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