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Blog Post at on SMS in Liberia

I had the opportunity to guest write a blog post on the Ushahidi blog were I talked about the issues and solutions we encountered while using SMS in Liberia. Liberia’s infrastructure was greatly weakened by the civil war there, and … Continue reading

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Meet iLab Liberia

Hey, this is a re-posting of a blog entry by Kate Cummings about the iLab Liberia. iLab is a computer lab that Kate and I founded in Liberia with the aim of providing a user experience similar to what we … Continue reading

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Embedding Ushahidi

This is mainly a test for a friend that was asking what it would take to embed an Ushahidi map in a blog. Pretty much it just took an iFrame, and adjusting the CSS and layout of the map page … Continue reading

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Back to Liberia

I had the privileged of being a part of the New Tech at Work: Planning for Liberia’s Election and Beyond workshop, so I got to go back to Liberia. Which was awesome. It was so much fun to go back. I’ve written … Continue reading

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Upcoming Google Event in Monrovia

As an FYI: Google and Ushahidi will be co hosting a 1 day workshop/conference on technology and its possible uses in the upcoming elections. It’ll have a focus on how technology has worked in the elections of other countries to … Continue reading

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Using Ushahidi and FrontlineSMS With Bad Internet

…or, using Ushahidi and FrontlineSMS in Liberia. I’ve been working for Ushahidi as their technical consultant in Liberia. It’s been fun and I enjoy the work. One of the many features of Ushahidi is that it’s made to work with … Continue reading

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Mount Nimba Camping.

A week ago Carrie, Derek, Christy, Yoscha, and I went to Mount Nimba for a 3 day 2 night camping trip. Last year I went to Yekepa to check out Mount Nimba, but didn’t have a chance to camp up … Continue reading

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Liberia ISP Comparison (Part 1)

I decided the other day that it’d be nice to evaluate, in a sort of scientific manner, the different ISPs that operate in Liberia. People always seem to be asking for internet recommendations, and so far all I know is … Continue reading

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Old Hydro Electric Dam

A couple weekends ago a few friends and I set out to find Liberia’s old hydro electric dam. Back before the war the majority of Liberia’s power came from a dam on the St. Paul River. This provided Monrovia, and … Continue reading

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The Surfer's Journal – Journal Entry

A while back Keith Chapman, Kent Bubbs, and I were surfing at Kenedja  when President Sirleaf was there. Ellen brought along her all female Indian peace keepers to maintain law and order. They were taking pictures of us surfing, so … Continue reading

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