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    the blood, it is just like a cold shiver every inch of skin pores, revealing a chill in with panic, lonely, helpless. Yes, ah, we can not go back to those years, really I can not go back!--Inscription[Addressed to those who were children in small partner]Maybe he is a very nostalgic person, when I see children playing, it will stop and watch for a while, watching them play very happy, as they will laugh, too funny then, there is always a sad and lonely She infected me. In them I see the year the shadow of those partners, those years saw the naive themselves.A child for me is the happiest period of life, who at that time the family is not rich, busy working parents will care for their mood too strict. The first thing is to put down the bowl called on partners to play together, we play the yo, stone-throwing children, shuttlecock, etc., as long as someone found a play, we have to play a whole day, also in the occasional trouble inevitable, and sometimes it will inevitably suffer parents meal beat. At that time we have been accustomed to suffer Dayton beat, as usual after being hit play, often with his family and a group of children made an awful mess.A childlike innocence of spring flowers more brightly than those years of us like a bunch of Swallow, incite childish carefree wings to fly. We are excited cheering idyllic green areas, always looking forward to a child grow up, always think like adults with strong shoulders, every New Year a few days, we have the street, cheering grew up, hands holding a firecracker, walked discharge, often scared girl hiding mouth shouting our boys good or bad, the moment we always laughed mischievously.Growth in rural areas there is always an rustic, rural children at that time have not seen much of the world, the occasional car will feel very fresh, will lead a group of children to crowd around, gather around us, sometimes we have come full circle with the driver, it Bengtiyouduo proud. Now a day trip to see the streets are a variety of luxury cars, but those years compared to ordinary cars, but also how to not feel those years of high-grade, in retrospect those years really is a blessing,Innocent children is wealth, a picture of an innocent face all trace of pure, silly childish, in addition to playing with each other, slapstick, there will be no psychological entanglements, is today got into a fight, tomorrow and work together to play, kind and generous spirit, it is the greatest treasure we have lost adult. Child's heart is always filled tomorrow, filled with sunlight, filled with growth, with no smells kind of happy, beautiful of that period can not be devoid of time. Sometimes they will stop and ponder those years we have gone? Is not gone through a period

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